Induction & Refresher

The Induction and Refresher Scheme

This Scheme is for qualified GPs.  There are two parts to the Scheme:

  • Induction for GPs who have never worked in UK general practice
  • Refresher for UK qualified GPs who have not worked in UK general practice for two or more years.

Further information about the Scheme is available here.  Whilst this information is heavily influenced by our English colleagues, most of it is relevant to doctors wishing to work in Wales. However, there are important differences for applicants to Wales:

  • The Wales Deanery will be in contact with you shortly after receiving notification of your application to arrange for you to have a telephone discussion with one of our local GP Associate Deans. This discussion will enable you to ask questions about the I&R Scheme in Wales and what the next steps in our process are.
  • Learning Needs Review with a GP Associate Dean (including a taster session in general practice) - On successfully passing the assessments, you will be invited to attend an interview with the local Associate Dean (AD). This will include discussion of your assessment results along with identifying learning needs. A discussion on the potential length of a placement will also be discussed.
  • Placement in a Further Training Practice in Wales - I&R training placements take place in one of the Wales Deanery's network of Further Training Practices (FTP) which has been in operation since 2002. The Educational Supervisors in the FTP Network are experienced GP trainers who have undertaken specific training in the particular educational needs of I&R doctors and are kept updated through regular meetings of the FTP network.
  • Funding in Wales
  • A bursary payment of up to £3,500 per month (full time) while on a placement
  • A one-off payment of up to £464 towards the costs of GMC membership
  • A one-off payment of up to £1,250 to assist with indemnity costs while on the I&R Scheme
  • Financial support for individuals choosing the Portfolio route
  • Funding for the first attempt at the learning needs assesment (MCQ and Simulated Surgery)
  • One year's free associate membership to the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP)
  • Access to training and other educational and development support
 Applicants may, in certain circumstances, qualify for additional support through the Cameron Fund.
To participate in the scheme, you should have medical indemnity which is available at a reduced rate for the duration of your placement and can be reimbursed as described above.
  • NHS Wales Shared Service Partnership (NWSSP) will coordinate the placement of each doctor including funding and other administrative support.  For further information please go to the NWSSP website
  • Working week - A full time 6 month placement consists of:
  • 7 clinical sessions per week
  • 3 educational sessions per week (i.e. 1 tutorial and 2 self-directed learning sessions)
  • A total of 2 observation sessions in out of hours during the 6 month placement
  • The pro rata equivalent for part time placements will apply.
  • The National Recruitment Office website states that a 1 month placement may be possible dependent on scores at the MCQ (Band 5), however our considered experience is that a 3 months (FTE) placement is the minimum required. This provides an adequate period of time for both the doctor and trainer to satisfy the requirements of the scheme. There is some flexibility on this aspect but this would need to be with the agreement of the trainer concerned. 
  • Video assessment - The I&R doctor will be expected to make video recordings of consultations and discuss these with their supervisor at the mid and end points of a placement. These consultations will be sent to another supervisor in the FTP network who will also assess them and provide feedback.
  • Mid-point review meeting - The Deanery will organise meetings between the I&R doctor, the supervisor and the local Associate Dean at the mid-point of the placement.  These meetings provide an opportunity to review progress and identify any issues that might have arisen.
  • Completion of Induction and Refresher Scheme: Next Steps - On successful completion of the Induction and Refresher Scheme, your final report from your Supervisor, along with your completion letter, will be sent to the Health Board Medical Director.  This information is then used to inform the decision of the Health Board as to whether unconditional inclusion onto the All Wales MPL should be granted.

Apply to the GP National Recruitment Office (NRO)

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