ARCP Panels

Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) Panels

An ARCP Panel has two objectives:

  1. to consider and approve the adequacy of the evidence and documentation provided by the trainee, which at a minimum must consist of a review of the trainee’s e-portfolio through a structured report from the Educational Supervisor, documenting assessments (as required by the specialty curriculum) and achievements; and

  2. provided that adequate documentation has been presented, to make a judgement about the trainee’s suitability to progress to the next stage of training or confirm training has been satisfactorily completed.

All trainees must complete a self-declaration Form R (Part B) prior to every ARCP panel; this is a GMC requirement for trainee revalidation purposes. If this is not completed then the ARCP will be postponed and this could delay completion of training for a CCT or CEGPR.  For information on how to complete and submit the self-declaration see Form R (Part B).

For more information regarding trainee revalidation please visit the GMC website.


An ARCP panel must consist of at least three panel members who can include Associate Deans, Programme Directors and Educational Supervisors/Trainers. The panel may also have input from a lay representative and external advisor. Trainees do not normally attend an ARCP Panel.


Every trainee should have an ARCP at least once every twelve calendar months, regardless of whether they are Out of Programme (OOP) or training Less Than Full Time (LTFT). Final ARCP panels cannot take place more than two months before the end date of training; however they normally take place at least four weeks before the completion date to allow sufficient time for the Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT)/Certificate of Eligibility for GP Registration (CEGPR) to be issued by the GMC.


Trainees and their Educational Supervisors will be given six weeks notice of the date by which all the necessary assessments and entries must be completed on the e-portfolio via e-mail from the Deanery. The completion date is normally two weeks before the date of the ARCP panel and it is the trainee’s responsibility to ensure that this is completed in time. Educational Supervisors' reports must not be completed more than two months prior to the date of the ARCP panel.

Checklists for final ARCP panels for ST3 trainees

Checklist for Educational Supervisors of ST3 or ST4 trainees due to complete training

Checklist for ST3 or ST4 trainees due to complete training

An ARCP panel can recommend one of the following outcomes for each trainee:

  • Achieving progress and competences at the expected rate (Outcome 1)
  • Development of specific competences required – additional training time not required (Outcome 2)
  • Inadequate progress by the trainee – additional training time required (Outcome 3)
  • Released from training programme with or without specified competences (Outcome 4)
  • Incomplete evidence presented – additional training time may be required (Outcome 5)
  • Has gained all the required competences for the completion of training (Outcome 6)
  • Out of programme experience for approved clinical experience, research or career break/maternity (Outcome 8)

Trainees who receive an unsatisfactory outcome (outcomes 2–4) will be required to meet with an Associate Dean and another member of the Deanery for an ARCP Feedback Meeting. Trainees who receive an Outcome 5 may be required to meet with an Associate Dean and another member of the Deanery for an ARCP Feedback Meeting, but this will be communicated to them via email. These are held sub-regionally across Wales shortly after the ARCP panel. Trainees will be informed of the date and venue for the meeting via e-mail from the Deanery.

Deanery staff are unable to discuss individual outcomes. Trainees should not attend the Deanery offices as all queries will be dealt with when the trainee is invited to attend an ARCP panel feedback meeting. Any issues that cannot be dealt with in this way should be addressed by email to the Chair of the ARCP panel via

Deanery staff are unable to amend any ARCP panel decision.

Reviews and Appeals 

Any trainee may request a review or an appeal of their ARCP outcome (please see Section 7 of the Gold Guide).

If you wish to request a Review or Appeal against this decision you must complete a Request for a Review or Appeal form obtainable from the Wales Deanery Trainee Progression Governance Team at  This must be completed within ten working days of notification of your ARCP outcome.

The Deanery will endeavour to convene a panel within 10 working days of receipt of the review or appeal letter. The trainee will be kept up to date by the Deanery throughout the review and appeal process.

Signing off an ARCP

Once an ARCP has been signed by the Panel Chair, the trainee will receive a message in their e-portfolio stating that they have one unsigned Deanery panel review. It is important that trainees accept their ARCPs even if they have appealed or asked for a review of the outcome as further ARCPs cannot be generated on the e-portfolio until the last ARCP has been accepted.


ST3 trainees who will need to apply for an Article 10 CCT from the GMC will be able to do so directly from within their e-portfolio. ST3 trainees who will need to apply for an Article 11 CEGPR cannot apply via the e-portfolio and should refer to the GMC website for further information.

OOP/LTFT Trainees

Trainees who take time Out of Programme (OOP) and/or apply to train Less Than Full Time (LTFT) inevitably fall out of sync with the majority of trainees, but will also have an ARCP every twelve calendar months. Progress will be assessed in the context of the total amount of training that the trainee will have completed, excluding any time Out of Programme. If you have taken OOP or are working LTFT, you will be contacted by the Deanery via e-mail six weeks before the scheduled date of your ARCP Panel. If you do not receive an e-mail, please contact for further advice.

For further information regarding the minimum Workplace Based Assessment requirements for Less Than Full Time trainees, please refer to the RCGP website.

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